About EfficiencyCrafted Homes

Brought to you by Columbia Gas of Ohio, builders participating in the EfficiencyCrafted program use advanced construction practices, design details and materials proven to meet a higher standard of energy performance. The result is a home that delivers improved quality and comfort, and energy savings that you can enjoy from the day you move in. Watch this short video to learn more.



What is the HERS Index?

An official savings scorecard

Lower score = more savings

HERS is short for Home Energy Rating System®. The system uses an index to create a HERS score. A HERS score is a measure of energy efficiency. Here’s how it works. The lower the score, the more energy efficient the home. Typical existing homes have a score over 100, while standard built new homes have scores in the range of 85-100. EfficiencyCrafted homes score below 70 and often as low as 55, signifying the home is 45% more efficient than a 100-point reference home. Builders that participate in the EfficiencyCrafted program are required to use a combination of proven technologies, advanced building practices and performance testing to drive down the HERS scores of their finished homes.