Behind the scenes (and walls!) of an EfficiencyCrafted℠ Home

As an award-winning interior decorator, Veronica Bradley creates beautiful, livable spaces for her clients. But when it comes to comfortable living, there can be more than meets the eye.

As part of a paid partnership, she connected with Columbia Gas and EfficiencyCrafted HomeSM builder, Rockford Homes, to tour a real EfficiencyCrafted home under construction. This behind the scenes visit lets you see how these homes are built to deliver whole-home comfort, all while using less energy each month. Never one to sacrifice style, Veronica also toured a finished home, showing how this advanced building science blends seamlessly into today’s design.

If you’re interested in learning about how you can build a new home with higher energy efficiency standards, read more about Veronica’s experience and find out who is building EfficiencyCrafted Homes near you.