Benefits of EfficiencyCrafted

EfficiencyCrafted homes have been built to higher standards, and are required to pass a rigorous inspection. Each efficiency element built into the home is designed to increase your comfort, reduce your energy bills, and maintain your home's value. Build your home for a good value for today, and a better investment for tomorrow. With an EfficiencyCrafted home, you'll get:

Lower Energy Bills
EfficiencyCrafted homes can use up to 30% less than traditional homes. And, the ENERGY STAR® certified appliances featured in EfficiencyCrafted homes use up to 50% less energy than standard models.  

High Quality Construction
An EfficiencyCrafted home is built to nationally recognized standards for energy efficient construction. Participating builders incorporate high-performance equipment and building practices, together with independent testing and verification to ensure that quality and savings endure for decades to come.

Peace of Mind
All EfficiencyCrafted homes undergo rigorous testing from a qualified, independent energy rater certified under the Home Energy Rating System® to help assure you’re getting maximum energy efficiency, savings and value. And, your HERS rated home can improve your resale value, should you decide to sell.

Improved Comfort
All EfficiencyCrafted homes are built to minimize leaks and drafts that cause hot and cold spots. Their innovative use of insulation, advanced sealing techniques, and high efficiency heating and cooling systems all work together to provide year-round, wall-to-wall comfort.

A Healthier Environment
An EfficiencyCrafted home can be a healthier place to live. All homes feature ventilation systems that help improve air quality, reduce humidity, and remove odors. Less moisture, particulates, and allergens in the air mean you can breathe easier.