Don't Sacrifice Style for Savings

Ways to make your new home beautiful and affordable for years to come

Just because you want an energy efficient home that will help you save money for years to come doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal style to make it happen. The reverse also applies. If you want your home to reflect your style, that doesn’t mean you have to pay larger-than-life energy bills every month. As energy efficient products and home designs continue to evolve, homeowners can now enjoy the best of both worlds. Here are a few ways you can begin to incorporate your personal style into your new home while ensuring your comfort and lower energy costs.

  1. Get smart. A smart thermostat, that is. Because of the rapid growth in smart home technologies within the last few years, homeowners now have several different options from which to choose, so there is one guaranteed to fit your specific style. Smart thermostats help homeowners manage and monitor energy usage so you can ensure the most efficient settings for your lifestyle and comfort. If you are going to incorporate these into your new home, be sure to take advantage of the big rebates available to you.

  1. Explore the endless ENERGY STAR® options. Homes use up to 30 percent less energy if they are outfitted with ENERGY STAR certified products. And this no longer means you need to have a beige washer, with a beige dryer or a standard white fridge. Today’s ENERGY STAR products go far beyond boring refrigerators and laundry room appliances. Discover more than 70 products that now earn ENERGY STAR certification and select the ones that match your tastes and vision for your new home and help you save on your utility bills.

  1. Know your ZIP code when selecting your windows. You don’t need to stick to standard double-hung windows to ensure your home’s efficiency. Everything from sliding windows to skylights to completely custom windows are now available in energy-efficient options. Once you decide on the type of window, be sure to consider the climate in which you live to determine the best window material for optimal energy efficiency and longevity.

  1. Partner with an expert. Certified EfficiencyCrafted℠ builders are experienced in building homes that not only meet the personal style needs of their owners, but also operate efficiently for many years to come. Check out a list of EfficiencyCrafted builders in your area to learn more.