What's more energy efficient than a new home? An EfficiencyCrafted℠ Home

Real estate agents are constantly helping clients find their forever home, and that home looks different for everyone. By being on hand to guide future homeowners in what can be an incredibly memorable and exciting process, we’re sure you’ve received plenty of questions from clients over the years. It may come as no surprise to you that consumers are increasingly interested in home sustainability, and are asking their real estate agents for more information.

As you’ve watched clients consider building a new home or buying existing, it’s natural for consumers to consider improved energy efficiency performance in a newly constructed home versus an existing home. But not all new homes are automatically energy efficient. Even though newly built homes can shave a bit from the energy bill compared to existing homes, many still come up short when it comes to things like insulation and air sealing. Participating builders in the EfficiencyCrafted℠ Homes program are well-versed in methods that go beyond current building code to maximize energy savings for the homeowner for many years to come.

An EfficiencyCrafted℠ Home is built to nationally recognized standards for energy-efficient construction through the following methods:

  • Innovative use of insulation
  • Advanced sealing techniques
  • Rigorous testing

These advanced measures lend themselves to homeowner benefits, such as:

  • Lower energy bills (could save hundreds annually)
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Higher resale value (according to a recent study by RESNET)

EfficiencyCrafted Homes are available through many reputable builders in Ohio (we bet you’re familiar with many of them!). We encourage you to reference the Find A Builder tool to learn more about EfficiencyCrafted Homes builders in your area.